At Purest 3D Studios, we usually maintain constant communication with clients throughout the project via email, with a phone call or online chatting apps.

Before getting started on a 3d project, we would like to ask for the following information from you:

1. Only apply to interior renderings: We will need to know the point of view section, specifying what room and features you would like to be highlighted in the renderings. This will help us decide where to place the perspective point of view.

2.Only apply to exterior renderings: Please select an appropriate view(perspective view/ half-aerial view/ aerial view) with an arrow, pointing in the direction you see fit for the view.

3.People: describe what sort of entourage you would like to inhabit your renderings (casual,business,medical, clergy, etc).

4.Landscaping: describe what sort of plants you would like to inhabit your renderings (bushes, flowers, trees, water area, etc).

5.All the textures should have images for reference and we need to know the style of illustration you want

6.We need to know your time frame and deadlines required for completion of the job. We will submit a quote for illustration services and a contract to the client for consideration and approval.

After having signed a contract, we will follow the WORK FLOW below: